I. New Orleans Dixieland
A. Between 1900-1920, the southern marching bands inspired a new form of jazz called New Orleans Dixieland.
B. After the Civil War more blacks acquired instruments and learned how to play them.
C. They imitated the blues singing style.
D. They jazzed up the Black Spiritual.
E. The newly formed bands became known as Dixieland bands.
F. The instrumentation consisted of the following:
1. cornet
2. trombone
3. clarinet
4. drums
5. banjo and sometimes a tuba
G. The Dixieland style was usually the whole ensemble then the soloist and then the whole ensemble again.
H. Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong is the most famous of all Dixieland musicians.
II. Louis Armstrong
A. He was born in New Orleans July 4, 1900.
B. His home was a shack in the ghetto.
C. Armstrong was five years old when he began listening to other black musicians.
E. He joined three other boys and formed a vocal quartet.
F. In his youth his friends called him "Dippermouth" because of his large mouth and lips.
G. Later they called him "Satchelmouth" which then was shortened to" Satchmo".
H. Joe Oliver was Armstrongs idol.